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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

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Wed, Feb 21, 2024

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  Wednesday Walk or Talk: Effects of Urbanization on Song Sparrows  
(Special Event)

Join us on October 10th for a talk by Sam Lane of the Sewall Lab at Virginia Tech. Sam joined the Sewall lab in Fall 2016 as a PhD student studying integrative organismal biology. His primary research focus is on the effects of urbanization on wild song sparrows and he uses an integrative approach that includes physiological, ecological, and neurobiological measures to understand the consequences of habitat change on individual animals.

His talk at the garden will be about the effects of urbanization on the song sparrow. Urbanization represents a dramatic and relatively quick change in environment and understanding how animals cope with such dramatic changes is vital for conservation and urban planning. Sam's work with the Sewall lab at Virginia Tech investigates the impacts of urbanization on a common songbird, the song sparrow (Melospiza melodia) that lives in both urban and native rural habitats. By determining how urban living changes the behavior and health of these animals we may be able to identify ways of supporting wildlife in our cities and towns. This work is also important for understanding why some species are excluded by urbanization while others persist, and for predicting the limits of change that wild birds and animals can handle.

All Walk or Talks meet at noon at the Peggy Lee Hahn Pavilion. Parking passes are required for our Visitor Lot. Come early to grab a parking pass from the pavilion and find a place to park before the walk or talk begins!

Location: Hahn Horticulture Garden
Price: Free
Sponsor: Hahn Horticulture Garden
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