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  Jim Kuypers: Framing Within Media and Politics  
(Academic Calendar)

Join Center for Humanities Director Sylvester Johnson and Professor of History in Virginia Tech's School of Communication Jim Kuypers for a discussion about framing within media and politics. Dr. Kuypers' research efforts are devoted primarily to exploring and understanding how professional politicians and citizens publicly address pressing social and cultural issues as these issues are relayed through the mediating lenses of the press. He is a pioneer in the area of rhetorical framing analysis. This work has led to important discoveries concerning how original messages of political actors - professionals and citizens alike - are reframed by the press before being transmitted to the general public. In particular, Dr. Kuypers' methodology allows researchers to investigate how the news media act to shape public awareness, understanding, and evaluations of issues and events in a particular direction.

The framing approach Dr. Kuypers has advanced has led to important discoveries that shed light on how framing research from a social scientific point of view and framing research from a rhetorical point of view often yield dramatically different results. For instance, in his work on the War on Terror, Dr. Kuypers found that, contrary to much social scientific work on the subject, the press actively countered efforts of the administrative branch of the U.S. Government to combat Islamic terrorism. Recent work in this area combines insights from Moral Foundations Theory with Framing Analysis.

In addition to his work on framing, Dr. Kuypers is actively involved in exploring how public advocacy works in the digital age. Such work has resulted in offering courses such as Public Advocacy, Digital Advocacy Campaigns, and Professional Communication.

The Virginia Tech Center for Humanities presents a series of talks by faculty research associates who will discuss their work. This talk is free and open to the public and we invite anyone to attend. There will be a brief question & answer session with viewers following the presentation.

If you are an individual with a disability and desire an accommodation, please contact the Center for Humanities at 540.231.1981 or email at least 10 business prior to the event.
More information...

Location: LIVE on YouTube
Price: Free
Sponsor: Center for Humanities
Contact: Dominique Francesca
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