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Monday, October 18, 2021

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Today is:
Wed, Aug 17, 2022

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  Natalia Mielczarek - Images and Messages: Lives of Pictures Beyond Publication  

Images rarely end their lives at publication, especially in digital remix culture, in which they get constantly reappropriated and recirculated for a variety of reasons. This talk explores a couple of such instances to illustrate how tinkering with content and/or context may influence the images' interpretation and their functions after their public debut. More specifically, the talk looks at the rhetorical work of a photograph of a deceased Syrian refugee child that transformed into an internet meme and a handful of editorial cartoons that, through the use of collective memory and hyperbole, redefined the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Natalia Mielczarek is an assistant professor of visual communications in the School of Communication at Virginia Tech. Her research interests include rhetoric, iconicity, internet memes and appropriation of images in remix culture. She is currently working on a study about visual archetypal characters in editorial cartoons published after the 202 presidential election. She teaches a mix of undergraduate and graduate courses including workshops on journalistic reporting, writing, and multimedia storytelling, and a seminar on images and their signification powers. She spent 10 years working as a newspaper reporter before returning to academia.

Please join us for this engaging presentation. The livestream can be viewed and will be archived on the Center for Humanities YouTube channel. The Virginia Tech Center for Humanities presents a series of talks by faculty research associates who will discuss their work. This talk is free and open to the public and we invite anyone to attend. There will be a brief Q & A with viewers following the presentation. Register by clicking the "More information" link.

If you are an individual with a disability and desire an accommodation, please contact the Center for Humanities at 540.231.1981 or email humanities@vt.edu at least 10 business days prior to the event.
More information...

Location: Online
Price: Free
Sponsor: Center for Humanities
Contact: Dominique Francesca
E-Mail: humanities@vt.edu
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