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Monday, February 21, 2022

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Fri, Sep 29, 2023

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  Auditions for short films  

Ever wanted to act in a short film? Now's your chance.

We're producing 16 very short fiction films in "Fiction Cinema Production" this semester, so we're looking for LOTS of actors.

Feb 21, from 7~9pm in The Moss Arts Center's Merryman Family Learning Studio (2nd floor, near entrance facing McDonalds) we'll be holding auditions for our short films.

Producers and directors will have one-page of their scripts for actors to read from. Most of these films will be recorded in one day, between the end of Spring Break and mid-April.
Some of the films (all 'working titles') and # of actors sought:
Batter Up!: A comedy about discovering the waffle. 2 actors.
Ex Libris: A student comes to terms with not being able to hold on to every book they will never read. 2 actors.
I: A male-presenting college athlete is brought into a new world and begins to see who she truly is. 2 actors
Lies: A woman discovers her man might have harmed his ex. Four actors (at least 1 male, 2 female)
Peace: A female college student who is a "yes man" learns to protect her peace. At least 3 actors.
Connect 5: An overly-confident board game player accepts a challenge without being aware of its unusual conditions. 3 actors.
Flirting with Death: The Grim Reaper falls for a woman with a knack for danger. 2 actors.
The Pizza Film: Save one's friends - or one's dinner? 3 actors.
The Edge: A couple finds their first argument- and maybe loses their relationship.
Whereas: College-age film filmmakers try to make a "legal thriller musical" but discover it's... complicated. At least 3 actors.
Agree to Disagree: A comedy about a mysterious package and two roommates. 2 actors
Go: Two cons find themselves at odds when one wants out of the game. 2 actors.
One Fish... : A colorblind/synesthetic art student finds inspiration after accident-caused hallucinations.
These are all micro-budget, volunteer-only projects, but we'll have snacks (both at Audition Night, and during production)!

Thank you for supporting Cinema at Virginia Tech!

Location: Merryman Family Learning Studio (Moss Arts Center)
Sponsor: School of Performing Arts
Contact: Charles Dye
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